written by Wanda

Curvy Does Not Mean Fat And Kelly Brook Is Proof.

Before I even start, I want to address something that came up in the comments a while back. When I say real women have curves, I’m not saying skinny girls are unattractive. I am a very thin girl and I’m okay with that. Women should be comfortable with their bodies no matter what body type they have, as long as they’re healthy. It’s that last bit that concerns me about some of the women in Hollywood. There are a lot of women in the entertainment industry that don’t look healthy. Kelly Brook is not one of them. More than that, Kelly owns her curves. Check out these photos of Kelly in Cannes. She looks gorgeous in her cut out bathing suit. She looks confident and secure in the way she looks and that is the way it should be. She used to be much thinner and for a while, it looked like she was getting thinner again. I’m glad she’s still her gorgeous curvy self though. Curves definitely look good on her.


  • no shes past it now. She should start covering up because she is getting too fat and shes starting to sag

  • You are a blind man.

  • she has a great body and she is flippin hot, bob must be blind or he has ridiculous standards she is fat lol?, she is in no way fat, she is curvy and has a great body

  • if she is fat, everyone may as well kill themselves, what a joke some people are, and i love curvy women, girls with a bit of meat on their bones in general i prefer to skinny girls but everyone has different opinions

  • totally agree with matt, i am not into skinny women, meaty is better, i like a lady with bit of meat on them period, she is gorgeous and so curvy

  • Wowzer she is hot in that suit. She looks amazing. The suit really draws some attention to her body in a good way. She has the curves but looks plain hot and the shoes are driving me wild as well.

  • stunning women and a great boidy on her, love curvy girls, I agree with others lke women with a but of meat on them too like big hips, bum etc, fleshy arms as opposed to real skinny ones but everyone is different but anyone who thinks she is fat is very delusional.

    Her body is incredible and those legs yummy

  • Kelly is a fine woman. I don ‘t want to hear that she is fat. Because she is not. She has those curves that drive me wild. And I do mean totally wild. Kelly looks great here and in all the photos that she takes. I love her.

  • She is definitely hot but there’s a fine line going on there. :)

  • shes not fat its just her boobs

  • She is very sexy