written by Wanda

Curvy Imogen Thomas In Thailand

When it comes to women in bikinis, there is little I love more than a woman who looks comfortable and confident. I don’t care about what body type they are. I think confidence is sexy. This is a big part of the reason I’m so attracted to Imogen Thomas. She isn’t stick thin but it doesn’t matter. As these photos from Koh Samui, Thailand show, she looks like a healthy and happy. I absolutely love that in a woman. I read an article recently that called Imogen out for being chubby and unattractive. First, I don’t think chubby is unattractive as long as the woman is comfortable in her own skin. Second, I don’t think Imogen’s chubby. I like the fact that you can’t see all of her bones poking out under her skin. I don’t know it became sexy to be skeletal. I, myself, am a very skinny girl – all collar bone, ribs and hip bones. I’m pretty much okay with that but if I could choose another body, it’d be one like Imogen’s.


  • The problem is not with Imogen. Not at all. I think she looks great the way she is. The problem is with those who think there’s only one size for a woman to be and that anything else outside that is ugly.

  • hilda i agree, this women is hot and she has a great body, so curvy she is wonderful

  • Now this is all woman need more new stuff darling

  • she is grogeous, incredible body, so curvy

  • I love her chunky body! She’s perfect.

  • she has a very nice figure, she is not chubby, she has curves which is nice, I mean we all find different things attractive, Chubby is fine its more about the person, I think everyone is attractive in some way, who cares what the media say, who are they to say what is ugly etc?