written by Wanda

Dakota Fanning Hides Behind Her Hair

Maybe all is not lost for me. I’m looking at these photos of Dakota Fanning and I’m actually thinking she looks pretty cute. We can’t see her face but I think that’s what I like. It’s not that I find her face unattractive. If you’ve been reading my posts about Dakota, you know that isn’t the case. I just think it’s cute the way she’s hiding. I think this girl is great. As she’s out in LA, it’s clear she has little to no interest whatsoever in being photographed and I find that refreshing. Some of the girls I post about on here – whose names I will not mention – call the paps on themselves to make sure they get their picture online or in magazines. That isn’t what Dakota is all about. She seems like an exceptionally down to earth girl and I really, really find that appealing. I like these pictures, even if we don’t really get to see Dakota in them.

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