written by Wanda

Dakota Fanning Hits The Gym

Dakota Fanning may not be the most beautiful girl in Hollywood, but she is without question one of the most talented. A lot of press types would say she’s a great actress for her age but looking over the Hollywood landscape and what if offers in terms of female talent, I’d be hard pressed to find an actress of any age with the talent this girl has. If you need proof, check her out in ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ or ‘Hounddog’. She’s brilliant and honestly, not to hard on the eyes either. Here leaving a gym in LA, Dakota looks like her usual thin self, but what I love about her is that although she looks a little too skinny, it isn’t hard to believe that she’s just naturally slim. I don’t think she has any of the typical eating disorders or drug habits most stick thin celebs have which makes her even more appealing. I love this girl. I can say almost with complete certainty that there’s a little gold man named Oscar in her future.

Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota FanningDakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning


  • probably a couple of years too soon for this pal…

  • Dakpta Fanning?….you gotabee kidding, this woman is one of the most Beautiful- and needless to say infinatly talented- Actresses to come outta Hollywood, in Years…

  • i would so pound that perfect ass of hers…so sweet

  • great ass on this hottie, i couldn’t give a crap if people say she isn’t hot for hollywoods high stnadards i also think she is very beautiful she is pretty and that ass deserves all sorts of attention

  • well she may not be hottest in the ridiculous media sense but she is quite nice looking, certainly not an ugly girl,but then what is ugly?, beauty is subjective.

    she is talented, decent body, nice booty,