written by Wanda

Dakota Fanning Is Really Growing Up

Dakota Fanning is one of those young actresses I find myself fascinated by. She’s so talented, so beautiful, and so completely fearless with the roles she takes. I remember watching her in Hounddog and thinking to myself that it really took guts to take on that kind of role at such a young age. I also like the fact that she seems to only take roles she’s interested in even if they’re low budget films. So many young women her age go for the roles that offer the biggest paychecks but Dakota seems to have avoided that. It’s weird for me to see how grown up she’s looking though. She still has that youthful attitude shining through in these photos from the Met Gala 2013 in NYC but there’s a maturity about her that seems beyond her years. This is a young woman that has serious staying power in this business and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see her accepting a Best Actress Oscar one day.

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  • she is quite fit