written by irene

Danielle Lloyd Flashes Her Butt

Renowned party girl Danielle Lloyd is at it again. Here she is flashing her ass to the hungry photogs. Dressed in a black one piece bikini style top, neon pink tutu and sexy lingerie, Danielle gamely shows her bum even as she’s supposed to be busy talking on the phone! Talk about multi tasking! The famous celebrity for hire, who gained notoriety because of her alleged racist comments against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, is also busy losing some of her unwanted pounds. Although I have a feeling she really does not need to!

Danielle Lloyd butt

sexy lingerie Danielle Lloyd


  • That’s a nice ass!

  • she is a horny cow

  • she is a slut it would seem but nice rack and she is nice looking so we wont complain