written by Ann

Danielle Lloyd’s Happy Birthday Bust

Danielle Lloyd celebrated her 24th birthday at Faces night club, in Essex, UK. Lloyd dressed up as a 17th century hooker and showed off her bust. Lloyd made the theme of her party as a medieval costume party. Lloyd’s guests were all squeezed into fetching costumes. Lloyd was reportedly one of the most attractive looking women in costume as she was well endowed. Lloyd’s birthday actually falls on Dec. 16, which is a weekday. So the early celebration over the weekend gave everyone the opportunity to drink and sleep over the hangover the next day. Happy Birthday, Danielle Lloyd!

Danielle Lloyd

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  • what is this.. posing like Paris Hilton? .. copycat

  • danielle lloyd is so hot i would give danielle a birthday present that she wouldn’t forget my in her mouth

  • will some please tell the truth – Danielle Lloyd is not particularly good looking but just a plain looking girl with big tits

  • she is above average looking imo, great body everything, id bang her every day if she was my girl, she gets around a bit, teddy sheringham, supposedly cristiano ronaldo, Jermaine, marcus bent and jamie o hara she likes football players.

    she is fit as fuck period

  • stephen all you need is big ass or tits and you are a goddess its the way the media is, most people aren’t particularly good looking or ugly lets be honest but average/ normal looking which is fine but its their body’;s that drive people crazy.

    Look at someone like pippa middleton media makes her out to be a goddess/ she is a fame whore she is quite nice yes has a nice enough body but she is way overrated in general its the way the world is.

    Like I say though even if you meet a women who was ok looking, had big tits, big ass even you would bang her right, hell even if a women was fat, not that nice most guys would nail anything really but its all personal opinion.

  • id bang her hard, i bet she gives a good t it wank too, she is another women that has slept around more times than ever, most footballers have banged her

  • lol chris I have been in them situations, at my staff party last yr I ended up shagging a fat girl and then just recently I got off with a chubby busty chick who I only knew by friends etc, most guys would shag anythng hell I would lol, good sex tho too.

    Danielle Lloyd would certainly get it in all holes