written by Wanda

Danielle Lloyd Really Bugs Me.

First things first. Danielle Lloyd is hot. She has a great body and she looks great in a bikini. With all that said, I just can’t get past the ugliness in her heart. This is a woman that is just filled with hatred and I have no time for people like that. In these pictures (taken poolside in Marbella), I can see that Danielle looks as hot as ever but I can’t get past those comments from a few years back when she was on “Celebrity Big Brother”. Bullying is just unacceptable but when someone in her position – a public figure who some very misguided people may look up to – to bullies a fellow contestant in such an ignorant, racist and obvious way, it’s especially troubling. Beyond that, she made herself look like a complete airhead. Want to talk stereotypes? Beauty queens are ignorant, moronic bimbos who have nothing in their heads but hot air and hairspray. Is that true of all beauty queens? Not at all but every time this woman opens her mouth, she just reinforces that stereotype with her catty and astoundingly stupid remarks. And now I’m in a bad mood again. Thanks Danielle.


  • Just because you are pretty on the outside does not mean that you are pretty on the inside. There are some people that are total bitches but look like beauty queens. Such as Danielle.

  • Hater. Lol cause u wished u were as hot but ure not.

    • That’s cute and totally original. Well done. You really put me in my place.

  • When you are ugly on the inside you are ugly all around. I am not sure of the hateful comments that she made but when you bully, that is totally wrong. I have no real opinion on her until I hear what she said but if she is bullying then she must be an ugly person.

    • It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll give you the broad strokes. When Danielle was on Big Brother, one of her housemates was Shilpa Shetty (a famous Bollywood star). Danielle basically said Shilpa was dirty because she was from India and people who are from India don’t wash their hands. There were a few other housemates involved in the bullying as well (Jade and Jo, if I remember correctly) and they bug me just as much. Danielle called Shilpa a dog, asked if she “got stubble” and finally stated: “They eat with their hands in India, don’t they? Or is that China? You don’t know where those hands have been.” She even made fun of Shilpa for apparently not being able to speak English properly – which is fairly funny when you actually listen to Danielle talk. I’d say Shilpa’s English was better than Danielle’s. Anyway – I don’t know whether Danielle is actually racist or whether she was just being mean because the other girls were being mean but it’s not just the racism that bugs me. It’s not even just the bullying. It’s the cattiness. I hate beautiful women who feel the need to be catty with other beautiful women – or catty women in general, really. It just gives the rest of us a bad name and feeds the stereotype that women are insecure and hate on anyone they feel is more attractive than them. Anywway, that was a longer rant than I intended. The girl just gets under my skin.

  • I have no time for shallow, big headed people like Danielle lloyd, she is going to look good when she is all glammed up all the make up like most girls, she is not a role model period who the fuck is she really

  • she is probably racist then who knows, she has no talent really, her only talent is shagging footballers and sucking dick most likely, another slag

  • she is just a talentless bimbo who the media fawn over because she is nice looking and has a nice body, really so she is popular because of her looks which sums up the world we live in, her comments are a disgrace, there are gorgeous people from all races but nasty comments are awful.

    she is probably just another insecure, attention seeking women who feels the need to bring down other people, cant stand shallow people like that, is danielle lloyd a hot lady, sure but as a person probably not.

  • she is a cow but I would love to have her in my bed and most guys would

  • good looking, good body but she has a nasty personality, any straight guy would most likely bang her but to date her no way i’ll pass on that