written by Ann

Danielle Lloyd Slips Out Of Her Dress!

Danielle Lloyd was leaving Embassy Club in London when she posed for these sexy photos. She felt safe enough in her car to go all the way to let her dress slip and show what a cautious daredevil she was. It was a bare back dress and I’m sure all the guys wished that she wore it back to front. Cleavage and boobies would be very welcome. Here, we get prime shots of Danielle’s sexy legs. A couple of snaps show Danielle’s sexy tits through her dress … yummy!

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd 1.jpg Danielle Lloyd 2.jpg Danielle Lloyd 4.jpg Danielle Lloyd 5.jpg Danielle Lloyd 6.jpg Danielle Lloyd 7.jpg Danielle Lloyd 8.jpg Danielle Lloyd 9.jpg Danielle Lloyd 10.jpg Danielle Lloyd 11.jpg Danielle Lloyd 12.jpg


  • Mmmm..Danielle Lloyd is so hot & sexy. Her big bouncers make me drool. Would love to see her and Shilpa do a love scene together. Woohoooo.

  • If she makes a video, I’ll buy it, if you know what I mean. She definitely has a body on her. Looking good Danielle! I’ll be keeping an eye on what she does in the future.

  • she is so sexy

  • Fit, can she just get naked for us all now, her and her 4 friends are sexy as fuck tbh, the black women on the end has awesome thick legs, hot as fuck