written by irene

Danielle Lloyd Wears Whities

Who knew sexy actress Danielle Lloyd likes to wear white panties while out and about? Raise your feet! Hah! Danielle was the big tease when she arrived at the Movida Club in London. She may have worn an outfit that covered her arms and her busts but she did show a lot of her shapely legs and yes, a peek of her teensy weensy panty. Ah, I’m sure the guys all lost their breaths when they saw Danielle and her teasin’ crotch!

Danielle Lloyd

Movida Club Danielle Lloyd 2.jpg Danielle Lloyd 3.jpg Danielle Lloyd 4.jpg Danielle Lloyd 5.jpg Danielle Lloyd 6.jpg Danielle Lloyd 7.jpg Danielle Lloyd 8.jpg Danielle Lloyd 9.jpg


  • Nice peeky shot

  • Sexy upskirt babe. Hot legs too.


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  • David { Most likely stinky. }
  • David { Kelly has had my loins boiling for many years. Hot, Hot, ... }
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