written by Christine

Danielle Lloyd’s 23rd Birthday Suit

And here we have Danielle Lloyd arriving at her 23rd birthday party at Faces Nightclub in Essex. This girl is not only a former Miss England, but she is also a very popular glamour model and English lingerie model. So, what, did she just get off late from work or something? The girl seems to have forgotton to cover up her underthings! Pretty yes, and yes, she has the body for it, but brrr….just makes me want to throw a sweater or something on her.

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd Birthday Danielle Lloyd 2.jpg Danielle Lloyd 3.jpg Danielle Lloyd 4.jpg Danielle Lloyd 5.jpg Danielle Lloyd 6.jpg Danielle Lloyd 7.jpg Danielle Lloyd 8.jpg Danielle Lloyd 9.jpg


  • She wants to look like a barby doll, and I must say she is so close to this.

  • She looks rather pretty, yet slutty at the same time. I always got the impression she was a bit dizzy and not that bright.

  • Hey, you know I always have said, if you’ve got it, flaunt it; but I’m guy so my opinion on the matter might be quite skewed indeed!

  • She looks like a doll, her dress is so short, and she is hot too.
    But the guy with her looks like a pimp.
    I am wondering if she has a boyfriend.

  • It sure is one thing to flaunt when you have it, but never too overboard. It looks good on her though it may drive some silly guys off their feet. She has to be careful in picking attires next birthday.

  • great boobs and legs

  • sexy girl, fine figure, nice legs and big bouncers on her, jermain defoe is a midget she is 5 ft 7 and in heels tho so she towers him


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