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Danielle Lloyd’s DVD!

This time last year hardly anyone knew who Danielle Lloyd was. She was a former Miss Great Britain and one of those girls who turned to to parties with their football (soccer) boyfriends/husbands/cash machines. Then she appeared in the UK version of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, did a bit of bitching, broke up with her boyfriend, and became a tabloid favourite. Her Playboy photo shoots and glamour modelling may have cost her the Miss Great Britain crown, but she has racked in a helluva lot of cash this year.

She is using her famous face and body to make a little extra money by making a fitness DVD called “Keep Fit Look Fit”. It is common for many Z-lists in the UK to bring out fitness videos just after Christmas when everyone is feeling fat. The thing with Danielle is, she look great anyway, so there are no before/after pictures, just her looking great in sports gear!

Danielle Lloyd DVD

Danielle Lloyd Keep Fit Look Fit Keep Fit Look Fit Danielle Lloyd 3.jpg Danielle Lloyd 4.jpg Danielle Lloyd 5.jpg Danielle Lloyd 6.jpg Danielle Lloyd 7.jpg


  • Good stuff. She’s really cute.

  • If I watched that dvd I wouldn’t be able to stop wanking


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