written by Wanda

Dannii Minogue Shows Some Skin And Looks Sexy.

The information I have on these photos is a little thin so stick with me. I know they’re Dannii Minogue. I know she looks incredible. I know she’s showing a lot of skin. Beyond that, I’m just not sure. The word “older” is all I have, so I’m guessing these shots were taken from an older photo shoot. It doesn’t much matter to me, honestly. Dannii looks incredible, older photos or not, and isn’t that really what this site is all about? I’ve always been a big fan of this lady and I don’t get to write about her often enough so whether these pictures are hot off the presses or have been kicking around for a while, I’m happy with them all the same because I get to look at Dannii and I just can’t complain about that.


  • she is so fit, god i love Dannii minogue, imagine a nice threesome with her and Kylie oh yes, love both of those sexy ass women.

    what a milf danii is

  • she is so hard, always gets me hard, i wanna shag her so much, what a milf

  • She has always been really sexy to me. I love the fact that she does not have to does not really have to try hard to look good. She has some good genes in her and who cares if they are older pics, she looks stunning.

  • she is very pretty and has a great body, I think she is hotter than Kylie too but both are stunning

  • Dannii looks sexy and hot but she is no where near as hot as Kylie. Her sister is much better looking than her but either one I could look at all day long. She is pretty, but Kylie just has a flare that I like more.

  • i wouldn’t kick either out of bed, both are super milf’s, id bang both sisters

  • I love her, she is so fit, danii please let me fuk u

  • love these pictures of her bare back, she is so pretty and has a great body

  • dannii is fitter than kylie easily

  • real classy girl, Very hot pics, love to have her in my bed, I agree I prefer her to kylie but both nice

  • A 3 way with her and Kylie would be heaven, she is gorgeous