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Dasha Astafieva Is Truly One Hot Playboy Mate

If ever you’re still wondering whether Ukraine brunette beauty Dasha Astafieva really has what it takes to get Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s attention, then wonder no more! These pictures of the sexy model will really be testaments as to why Hugh just had to have another girlfriend. Dasha is Hugh’s new girlfriend and she’s really a sight to behold. After blondes and twins, Hugh just had to get a darker haired babe and judging by these revealing photos, there’s no doubt why he just had to have her!

Dasha Astafieva

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  • OMG!! Dasha is so beautiful girl.. Hef knows what’s very best for him :))

  • She truly is hot ^^


  • Thank you #3… must be a typo :p

  • Great body!

  • I found her beautiful.. no matter what people say :)

  • I am not really sure why people have so much against Hugh and his bunnies.

    Dasha Astafieva seems like a good looking girl.

  • well said Italiano!

  • simply beautiful girl …


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