written by Wanda

Demi Lovato Makes Me Giddy

I want to be best friends with Demi Lovato. Sure she’s a bit younger than me but I think we’d have a lot of fun together. We could talk about music and … whatever it is people her age talk about with their friends. It’s kind of weird though. I have some weird older sister instincts when it comes to Demi. I’m very protective of her. Perhaps I feel like I know what she’s gone through or perhaps I just know what it’s like to struggle through the troublesome teenage years. Either way, it irks me when people talk trash about someone who has clearly had a rough go of it at certain points in her life. I respect Demi in a way I respect few young celebrities. She owned up to her problems and took steps to try to improve herself. That takes guts. I appreciate that. I think more entertainers should be like her. She’s an excellent role model in a world where there are few excellent role models to be found.

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