written by Wanda

Demi Moore Still Looks Incredible In A Bikini.

I can be a little hard on Demi Moore sometimes but only because I worry about her. She’s a beautiful lady and she’s a talented lady but I sometimes think she’s trying a little too hard to stay youthful. She’s isn’t a teenager anymore and she doesn’t seem to understand that. Of course, pointing that out makes me a complete hypocrite. I’m 30 and have a very hard time remembering I’m not 16 anymore. In any event, Demi looks fantastic in these photos from Mexico. She still has an incredible body. I don’t think she looks like she’s trying too hard to be young in these photos. I would’ve preferred to see a matching bikini or even a mix and match bikini with solid colors but that’s just nit picking. Hypocritical and nit picky in the same post. This has been a good one for me.

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