written by Wanda

Denise Milani Shows Off Her Ginormous Boobs

I know it may seem like I focus on the boobs when I write about Denise Milani but seriously – how is it possible to focus on anything else? She clearly has no problem showing them off but to be fair, I’m quite certain there is no way she can do anything other than show them off. Those things would still stand out if she was wearing a parka. It’s just a little ridiculous. I think the boobs are a bit too big but I’m sure a whole lot of men out there disagree with me. Monsterboobs aside, I really do like these photos. Denise has such a pretty face and such a unique look. I really like this girl and I really love these shots.


  • damn, thats a fine ass bitch right here, she is so pretty but her body is immense, well sexy, her boobs are huuuuuuuuuge , nice meaty legs too, so curvy, real hottie here

  • Imagine having a go on her huge boobies, huge rack on the sexy minx, her face is great, really good looking women, I like her body a whole lot