written by Wanda

Denise Richards Doesn’t Get A Fair Shake.

Sometimes it feels to me like Denise Richards has been found guilty by association in the eyes of the general public and I think that’s a shame. She’s a beautiful and talented woman who should get a lot more credit than she gets, regardless of who she’s chosen to day (or marry) in the past. We get it. Charlie Sheen? Probably a bad idea but I admire how far they’ve come as a divorced couple. Their split was nasty in the beginning but the fact that they’ve buried the hatchet for the sake of their kids is truly worth celebrating. There was so much bad blood there and that really seems to have come to an end. Denise even appeared on Charlie’s new show “Anger Management” (which I happen to love, by the way). Denise isn’t the greatest actress that’s ever lived and she’ll probably never do anything Oscar worthy but she’s always enjoyable in the roles she plays and I think that counts for a lot. I’d like to see her have her own successful sitcom someday. I think she could do it if she was given the chance.



  • I love Denise Richards. I agree that she is not the most talented but she is a doll to look at. She did make a huge mistake marrying Charlie but everyone deserves another chance at life.

  • charlee u r an idiot!!!

  • I agree that Denise is good looking. And it was a mistake for her to marry Charlie. Or rather maybe it was a mistake for Charlie to divorce her. He is such a puke anyway.