written by Wanda

Denise Richards Is One Of My Favorites

I know Denise Richards has made some questionable choices in her personal life but she really seems to have come a long way since all of that. She seems strong and mature, a great presence in her children’s life and apparently the lives of her ex-huband’s children as well. It takes a special kind of person to take your ex’s kids into your home when they’re in need of a little security but Denise is certainly that kind of special person. I love her – always have – and these photos are fantastic. First, if a photo set features Denise in a bikini, I will certainly love them. Second, it’s nice to see her relaxing. It’s always nice to see her having a little fun in the sun, in this case, at Beverly Hills Hotel in LA. I hope for nothing but the best for Denise and her family.

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