written by Wanda

Dianna Agron Is As Gorgeous As Ever.

I loved the first season of “Glee”. The second season? Not so much. The third season was a bit of a mixed bag for me but one thing never changed. I’ve always loved Dianna Agron. I look at Dianna as a shining example of everything young Hollywood could be. She’s classy, low key, talented and driven. She doesn’t seem desperate to hold on to her fame and I find that incredibly appealing. While some of her contemporaries (not just from “Glee” either) are busy getting themselves into phony “for the press” relationships or always seem to be front and center in some new scandal, Dianna just seems normal. She seems to live her life how she wants to live it instead of living her life to get headlines. Here we see Dianna leaving The John Frieda Salon looking like a normal, every day girl. The cameras don’t seem to bother her but she doesn’t seem thrilled to see them either. Instead, she just seems to sort of ignore them and I find that alluring. Of all the women her age in the business today, I’d put my money on Dianna to be the one with the longest career.


  • She looks fat here. I blame the outfit, mostly.

  • fat? your deluded, she looks fine