written by Wanda

Dorota Gardias Is Smoking Hot

I must confess, I’m not especially familiar with the beauty that is Dorota Gardias but I would like to change that immediately. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. The best part of working for this site is occasionally discovering a beautiful actress, model or, in Dorota’s case, weathergirl/model/tv host, I likely wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. This Polish beauty is absolutely stunning. I love these photos. She looks like she’s actually having a pretty good time posing for this picture. If she’s insecure about anything, it definitely doesn’t show. There is nothing that appeals to me more than a woman with confidence and Dorota is clearly not lacking in that department. The fact that she looks incredible in lingerie certainly doesn’t hurt. Fantastic photo set of someone I would like to learn a lot more about.


  • sexy

  • very nice face