written by Wanda

Doutzen Kroes Gets Me Through The Tough Times

I have to be honest for a moment. It’s a little hard to really get into these posts the way I usually would. My time away from the site was due to a sudden, very unexpected and complete gut wrenching death in the family and it’s kind of make looking at pretty girls in bikinis feel a little unimportant. I told myself that today was the day I returned to work and started making money again but it’s been more challenging than I expected. As odd as it sounds, Doutzen Kroes is kind of helping. I love this woman like I love little baby kittens and looking at these photos sort of stirred a bit of that normal, “wow, she’s gorgeous” feeling in me. While it’s difficult to keep pressing on at times like these, it helps if you really enjoy doing what you do and with sets of photos like these ones, I really do. This can be a great job and one I need to keep. Seeing Doutzen Kroes, one of my absolutely favorite models, in a bikini really reminds me of how much I like doing this sometimes. So thanks, Doutzen. You helped make me smile a little bit. Well done and great photos.


  • Sorry about the death. It happens though. Everyone dies sooner or later.

  • ^ You suck at commiserating, retard.

  • Don’t give up, I enjoy reading your posts :-) It gets better in time. ..

  • “Mike” is a complete and utter loser