written by Wanda

Doutzen Kroes Rocks Cut Offs And A Bikini Top

Doutzen Kroes is really starting to make a name for herself all over the world. Last year she made her return to the runway during fashion week for powerhouse name, Prada. The show earned Prada rave reviews from Marie Claire, Cosmo and prompted Hollywood Life’s Bonnie Fuller to post a blog praising the show for using curvy models like Doutzen for their show instead of the usual, emaciated women usually featured at such event. As great as that is, I have to say it’s a sad state affairs when someone like Doutzen is considered ‘curvy’. Regardless, Doutzen, as always, looks phenomenal in these pictures. The lady has a relaxed, casual sort of vibe I really like. I’m glad to see her continued success. She earned it.


  • Yummy… I think the ‘curvy’ mostly refers to her top half. Isn’t she engaged/married? That would/does make me sad… Lol

    • She got married last year I believe. What blows my mind is she just had a baby in January. She’s in fantastic shape.

      I think you’re right about ‘curvy’. I hadn’t considered that. Normally when someone in the media uses that word, they’re trying to politely call someone heavy – definitely not applicable to Doutzen.

  • fantastic doutzen thx bro