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Edgy Leighton Meester Photo Shoot

I’ve always kind of been back and forth on Leighton Meester. I think she’s pretty but I don’t always think she’s an absolute knockout. These photos only add to the confusion. I love some of them and others? Not so much. It’s not even like it’s a big collection. I love the first photo. I think her pose is fantastic but the rest of them are fairly hit or miss, at least for me anyway. With 2012 coming to an end and Leighton’s “Gossip Girls” done for good, I can’t help wondering what 2013 holds for her. Hopefully nothing but great things. Leighton’s had a tough go of it. It’s be nice to see more good things happen for her.

Edgy Leighton Meester photo shoot

Edgy Leighton Meester photo shoot Edgy Leighton Meester photo shoot Edgy Leighton Meester photo shoot

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