written by Wanda

Elena Santarelli Looks Hot In A Bikini

Elena Santarelli. Okay. I’ll be honest. I have no idea who this girl is really, but she’s pretty cute. Apparently she’d a VJ on MTV Italia alongside Elissabetta Canalis, whom you all no doubt know as George Clooney’s girlfriend. Anyway, I like Elena. She has a pretty face and is clearly enjoying her time on the beach with her child. I like to see that. I’m not really sure how I feel about her body, though. It’s nice enough to look at, but I don’t like woman who look overly skinny. I’m not picking on her about this. I say the same thing when I look in the mirror. When you can see ribs that clearly defined, the woman is just too skinny. She looks hot and all – I’m not hatin’ on her. I just think she’d look better if she gained a pound or two.


  • Well, well. Bravo, Wanda. You finally get my approval(not that you needed it) on your commentary of a woman. Though I have absolutely no idea who she is and I must say, I do like her butt, but she could definitely gain a couple of pounds…

    • Sorry I missed this comment! I’m glad we agree! This one wasn’t that difficult though. She’s a very pretty girl, but the overly skinny thing just doesn’t work for me.

  • Fantastica Elena ! thx bro

  • Absolute perfection – she cannot be improved!