written by Wanda

Elisabetta Canalis Gets Ready To Dance

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about this season’s “Dancing with the Stars” cast. From Chaz Bono to Nancy Grace, people seem ready and willing to complain about everything. I don’t have a problem with Chaz strutting his stuff on the dance floor and he’s partnered with one of my absolute favorite dancers, Lacey Schwimmer. I don’t even have a problem with Nancy Grace appearing although I have a problem with her as a human being and a “journalist”. The truth is though, I have a problem with Elisabetta Canalis and Rob Kardashian being on the show for the same reason I had a problem with The Situation and Rob’s sister Kim appearing. I don’t think reality stars or those that are only famous for who they date should have a place on the show. The advantage with Elisabetta’s casting is that we get to see her slinking around the dance floor in all sorts of sexy outfits, so I’m not going to complain about this one too much.


  • Awesome cameltoe!!

  • thx for eli ass shots