written by Wanda

Elisabetta Canalis In Butt Bearing Bikini

Life sure is hard when you’re George Clooney’s girlfriend. Just ask Elisabetta Canalis. There’s all the pressure of having to look smokin’ hot every time you hit the beach in sexy floral butt floss knowing the cameras will be catching your every move. You have to deal with spending all your free time frolicking on the beach and having fun with gal pals instead of going to work and earning a paycheck. Then when you go home, you have to spend your nights with one of the world’s most wanted bachelors. Yes, it is a hard life indeed, but the world in general owes Elisabetta a debt of gratitude because her hard work means we get pictures like these. Let’s all enjoy the fruits of Elisabetta’s work and stare at that ass for a while. That, folks, is the kind of ass that wins George Clooney – as well it should because that ass is a work of art.

Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta CanalisElisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis


  • I say life seems easy when you are Elisabetta Canalis. She is having fun with her girlfriends while hubby is working to make money she can later spend with girls.

    • Wonderful retort! quite to the point.