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Elisabetta Canalis Is All Wet

Life’s a beach for Elisabetta Canalis – or a yacht or a mansion or any other number of ultra glamorous things most of us can only dream about. It’s hard not to feel a little jealous though. She has everything – but really, she’s earned it. She landed George Clooney – no easy feat. He seems to almost exclusively date gorgeous brunettes with smoking bodies and no discernible fame of their own; turning them into celebrities over night. Good guy, that George Clooney. Here in Mexico, Elisabette enjoys the spoils of her conquest and she looks like she’s having a blast. Bring pretty sure has it’s perks.

Elisabetta Canalis is all wet

Elisabetta Canalis is all wet Elisabetta Canalis is all wet Elisabetta Canalis is all wetElisabetta Canalis is all wet Elisabetta Canalis is all wet

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