written by Wanda

Elisabetta Canalis Is All Wet

Life’s a beach for Elisabetta Canalis – or a yacht or a mansion or any other number of ultra glamorous things most of us can only dream about. It’s hard not to feel a little jealous though. She has everything – but really, she’s earned it. She landed George Clooney – no easy feat. He seems to almost exclusively date gorgeous brunettes with smoking bodies and no discernible fame of their own; turning them into celebrities over night. Good guy, that George Clooney. Here in Mexico, Elisabette enjoys the spoils of her conquest and she looks like she’s having a blast. Bring pretty sure has it’s perks.

Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis Elisabetta CanalisElisabetta Canalis Elisabetta Canalis

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