written by Wanda

Eliza Doolittle Has A Multicolored Tail

Everyone wants to make a splash when they hit the red carpet and Eliza Doolittle definitely did that at The Brits 2011. She looked incredible, wearing a plain dress that showed off her sexy body – especially those gorgeous legs – but didn’t scream ‘look at me’. Well, not until she turned around, anyway. Her shoes… well, let’s talk about the tail first. I just don’t get what that’s all about. I can understand her desire to draw attention to that lovely caboose of hers, but to cover it up entirely? No. I don’t like that at all. I look at this and wonder if perhaps there was a hole in her dress she was trying to cover or a stain she needed to conceal at the last minute. At the same time, I like the splash of color added to the basic white dress, but she could have relied on her painfully ugly shoes for that. I’m not feeling this whole look, but I still love adorable Eliza.


  • sexy girl, wonder how tall she is?

  • gorgeous girl

  • cute