written by Wanda

Eliza Doolittle Wears An Interesting Cut-Out Jumpsuit In London

Yeah, see … I like Eliza Doolittle. I think she’s a very pretty young woman and I typically enjoy the choices she makes in terms of fashion but I’m just not feeling the cut-out jumpsuit she chose for the Esquire Summer Party in London. I get that it’s supposed to look sexy with all those little glimpses of skin but I’m not quite sure the suit hit the mark. It’s … kind of weird, actually. Perhaps it would’ve looked better as a dress instead of a jumpsuit but I think the truth of the matter is that it would’ve missed the mark there too. It just isn’t really all that flattering. Eliza is a beautiful woman and I’m a fan but I’m not sure this was the best fashion choice she’s ever made.

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  • eliza is a cutie, nice looking bird but what is she wearing?