written by Wanda

Eliza Dushku Dated Seth MacFarlane. Isn’t That Weird?

Ya know, Seth MacFarlane – the creative mind behind “Family Guy”, “American Dad” and “Ted”? He dated this girl. I’m not sure why I find that so weird but yes, I find it weird. Currently (or last I heard, anyway), Eliza Dushku was dating Rick Fox, which I also find weird. They’re both funny guys so many Eliza’s just turned on by a sense of humor. I think that makes me like her even more. I think this girl is absolutely stunning. I’ve been a fan of Eliza’s for as long as I can remember. There’s just something so sweet and wholesome about her but at the same time, there’s something so sensual and sexual about her. I love that in a woman and there aren’t a lot of women that can pull that off. I love these photos. I think they’re a bit older, but I’m okay with that. Any excuse to write about Eliza is fine with me.

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  • she is stunningly beautiful, very pretty lady, great pics