written by irene

Eliza Dushku Hugs An Older Man

For all we know, this might be American actress Eliza Dushku’s father so don’t hope too much boys! However, this picture stirs a lot of attention especially since Eliza is in a pretty kinky looking outfit. I guess that’s her Halloween costume? Or does she really go out in public dressed like that? Miss Dushku has appeared in a lot of movies such as Bring It On, The New Guy and True Lies. She’s set to appear in a new Fox series called Dollhouse, which will premiere early next year.

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku in kinky outfit Bring It On Eliza Dushku is hot Eliza Dushku with an older man Eliza Dushku in heels Eliza Dushku 6.JPG Eliza Dushku looks happy Eliza Dushku 8.JPG Dollhouse

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