written by Ann

Eliza Dushku Puts Her Best Leg Forward

Elisha Dushku posed for Steven Dewall in this photo shoot. She was given a difficult wardrobe but she managed to pull it off well. Her best side would be the one showing her shapely leg. Elisha is one of those actresses who started in childhood but she has yet to become famous in a big way. She has 5 movies that will be released this year. We’ll be able to see more of Elisha’s sexy legs then.

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku photo shoot sexy leg Eliza Dushku 3.jpg Eliza Dushku 4.jpg Eliza Dushku 5.jpg


  • Elisha Dushku surley knows how to deal with this.

  • I loves me some Eliza.

  • Eliza is the definition of SEXY

  • great legs, yummy

  • what a hottie