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Elizabeth Hurley And Friends’ Boating Trip

Elizabeth Hurley was on vacation with her husband, Arun Nayer, in St. Tropez. The celebrity couple met their friends, David Furnish and Hugh Grant at Club 55 to catch their ride out to the open seas. Liz Hurley has announced that they have a new reality TV show about life on their farm in Cirencester, Glouchestershire. Elizabeth said that when Arun Nayer first laid eyes on her, she was at a country location wearing boots covered in mud.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley in yellow Arun Nayer Elizabeth Hurley 3.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 4.jpg David Furnish Elizabeth Hurley with friends Elizabeth Hurley 7.jpg Elizabeth Hurley back Elizabeth Hurley 9.jpg Elizabeth Hurley on boat Liz Hurley Elizabeth Hurley is beautiful


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