written by Wanda

Elizabeth Hurley Gets Her PDA On In Las Vegas

Man, I love Elizabeth Hurley. She’s just such a very, very beautiful woman. My love her her is a big part of the reason I love these photos, snapped at a hotel pool in Las Vegas, so very much. It’s nice to see her happy and she certainly looks happy here. I know she’s occasionally had a rough go of it in the romance department but maybe that has finally come to an end and she’s met the right man. And of course she looks fabulous here. I mean, it’s Elizabeth Hurley. She¬†always looks fabulous.


  • she is hot but he is a prime bellend lol

  • hurley is fit you would thing she should be getting filled by some hotter younger stud than an Australian toss pot like shane warne though, I would smash her

  • i wouldn’t mind banging this sexy older women, shane warne is a lucky git getting to rail on her, she could do a lot better than mr warne tho,

  • she got a lush body, proper milf, love to bang a sexy older women like mrs hurley, I can only dream, gorgeous lady

  • hurley should ditch this aussie ponce Warne, there’s a huge que of hot young studs in line waiting to bang her hot milf ass, Id get in than in line