written by Wanda

Elizabeth Hurley Has Seen Better Days

Just the other day I was talking about aging gracefully in Hollywood and how few celebs do it these days. As with most things, I’m fairly back and forth on the subject. I like to see women who aren’t afraid to get old. At the same time, when I look at these pictures of Elizabeth Hurley in London, I can’t help but feel sad. I remember a time when Liz was my biggest girl-crush. She was beautiful and has that sexy accent. I’m not saying she isn’t beautiful anymore. She definitely is still attractive and her body is ridiculous, but she’s definitely showing her age. I say kudos to Liz for being proud of who she is, even if I’m not quite as attracted to her quite as much as I used to be.


  • dont be such an ignorant prick, shes a babe

    • I’m not being an ignorant prick. She is a babe, but she’s really starting to show her age. That’s no my fault. Blame father time for that one. I really do admire her choice to not go under the knife. I just don’t find her quite as attractive as I used to. I didn’t say she was ugly because clearly she isn’t.

  • Ok. Wanda? Is it you that I went back and forth with about JLH a couple of months ago? Honey, your opinion of women is pitiful. I’d have to say EH is looking pretty good. Some of the anonymous women that you feature here should look half as good once they’re in to the 4.0. catagory. Trust, no man I know would back away. EH can absolutely get it. So, too, can JLH… :)

    • Also, just one last thing… I don’t actually choose the pictures that go up here. It would probably be a much different website if I did. You would definitely be able to call my opinion of women pitiful then. I have some weird taste when it comes to women. I doubt anyone would come back.

  • P.S.-

    Audrina Patridge is skinny AND has REALLY BAD plastic boobs. And you think SHE’S HOT??!!

    • Well, I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong. Well, I actually I don’t think I’m wrong, but perhaps I may have been a little harsh. I don’t think she’s unattractive. I just don’t think she’s as attractive as she once once. Now, you are 100% right. She looks amazing for her age. I am literally half her age and have never in my life looked that good. Maybe I’m just having an off day. Maybe (probably) it’s jealousy. I just don’t think she looks as good as she once did in these particular pictures and that’s all I’m judging based on. I have seen other pictures of her recently (and I think posted about them on this site, although I actually can’t remember) and she looked just ridiculous. Good ridiculous, not bad.

      As for Audrina, I’m not really sure how I feel about her. I see some pictures of her and she looks attractive. I see other pictures and she doesn’t look that great. She has a weird face – I think it’s her jaw. Anyway, there’s no comparing Hurley and Patridge. On her very worst day, Hurley is far, far more attractive than Audrina at her best. So is JLH for that matter even though – and please don’t jump on me for this – I would take Hurley over Hewitt.

      I suppose I really should’ve been more clear in my post, so this one’s definitely my bad. I read the post over again and I don’t think I clearly enough expressed my deep, deep love for Elizabeth Hurley. I am a straight woman, but Elizabeth was my first girl crush. She was the first female celebrity I looked at and said, “yeah, I would go there”. Actually, that may have been Sandra Bullock, but regardless, I have been drooling over Hurley since the first time I saw her. I hold her to a very high standard and these pictures just didn’t get my attention. I am in no way saying she’s ugly. I’m just saying I wasn’t squirming in my seat and drooling on my keyboard the way I normally would when she comes across my screen. With that said, I would not back away from Elizabeth. Or J-love, for that matter. Audrina has never made me question my sexuality and consider playing for the other team the way Elizabeth has – so that from that what you will.

      Finally, yes, that was me you went back and forth with. I do all the posts here so if you disagree with any of them, it’s going to be me. And I don’t mind. I honestly like hearing from you guys. It lets me know you’re at least reading. I’m not gonna lie, it hurts my feelings sometimes, but I’m a pretty tough girl. I’m always open to being educated. Seriously though, this was just one set of pictures and should not be taken as a representation of my total opinion regarding Liz and the same can be said for J-love. All women have good days and bad days. I, personally, think this was a bad day for Liz. Nothing more.

  • Why don’t you choose the pics Wanda? Perhaps you could sneak in a post where you did choose the pics. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t tell.

    By the way, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Liz was here recently playing trouser billiards with Shane Warne, the well known womanizer/cricket player. And wasn’t it all over the news every 2 seconds. How she moved into his house. How they bought a new mattress. With titanium-reinfoced coils to withstand the 800-hour bonking sessions. Because the public just HAD to know.

    • I actually don’t really have a lot to do with the basic operation of the website. I just write. I would bore you all to tears if I chose the pictures. I have a pretty specific type. I love dark hard and pale skin. Not really the characteristics most people look for when they come here. I have nothing against blonds or red heads but I would probably choose the pics that appealed to me most and, as I’ve learned over the last few posts, that probably wouldn’t appeal to many of those that come here.

      As for the whole press business, I have to admit that’s not really all that surprising. I feel for celebrities a lot of the time. We live in a culture that feels it’s okay to demand that sort of ‘news’. As bad as I feel about it, I also have to admit I am part of the problem. I follow all that sort of stuff. I do feel guilty about it though. That has to count for something. On a completely separate note, Australia is at the top of my list for places I absolutely have to visit before I die. It has been since I was little. I almost joined a work program but it was way too expensive.

  • Ah, shame. Well there’s still heaps of time. If you come to Melbourne, check out Warne’s house and you may find Liz Hurley there. His address is 32

  • —zap— Aargh!

  • did anyone notice the guy behind her acting like he’s grabbing her ass? hahaha that’s hilarious

  • Lol at that guy, what a legend, be epic if he really did do that, she would turn around and deck him to the floor tho it would be worth it,

    Id bang her silly she is such a milf.

    I wanna tap her ass now lmao

  • that guy behind her lol, needs a medal especially if he actually grabbed her ass/

    Remember being in Birmingham a few yrs back now and walking behind Clare Nasir and she was in skirt, heels etc and there were some lads whistling at her, she turned around and smiled actually lol, these women are cock teasers.

    Id bang Hurley

  • done other times there felt asses of women even in public, try it out a few times lol, did it once at a cashpoint , every time you get a good slap , The once i was dared to ask out one of my friends grans at a doo lol, much older but showed great cleavage and i told her she has nice boobs and asked her if i could see her in the toilets later lol, she did come in later on and for a while we were snogging but after i pulled my trousers down she kicked me downstairs and after i leaned back up gave me a good slap for good measure, I wont try that again and that because I got told I wouldn’t ask her out lmao.

    I have done it countless times for a laugh, teh worst thing i can think of is shagging a girlfriends mother but that was ages ago

  • guys who do it are total assholes, I am a married women and it has been done to me when out at party’s mostly by younger guys who behave with no control often drunk anyway, Had a friend of my sons call me a milf which i overheard him but not try it on or anything, I have been out the one lad said something vulgar to me and then as i turned grabbed my behind and i left him with a big red mark over his face as i should have, why they think they can put their hands on you is totally inappropriate.

    and another asshole told me i had great tits and that he wanted to fuck me hard, so afterwards i lead him on thinking he had a chance and just dropped him with a right hand combination he was left outside on the car park floor, women dont take shit from guys who cant keep their hands to themselves and vice versa, not all guys obviously the ones who act this way.

  • im a guy and I have done it myself, whats wrong its all fun banter most the time, just the other week I had a dance with my girlfriends mother and I was holding on to her bum after and gripping it she had no problem whatsoever and afterwards snogged her outside but not serious, My girlfriend has a word with me sometimes about it but she knows it’s banter.

    The only other time I did it was back in college in computer class where I pretended to drop something and look under legs of one of the girls in the class,s she never said anything mad just roleld eyes and then after she kicked me downstairs lol.

  • It’s always worth asking, when I was around 20 I was with friends on a night out and asked this mature bird if there was any chance of copping a feel of her ass as a half dare, we ended doing it in the bathroom. Sometimes women are up for a lot, but you won’t know if you don’t ask haha

  • yes, It totally depends more on the women and teh situation, I did a job recently in my gran;s friends house, a divorced women she is like 50 + and we ended up hugging in kitchen and i just put my hand on her bakside, I wasn’t sure how she would react but we ended up making out it depends, doen it other times like the once I slapped my mates mother on the ass and she just laughed and called me cheeky, yet some will go mad, Did it in a club once with a mature women she threw her drink in my face.

    I dont really care tho, Just have confidence, only live once,biggest mistake i done was when I once hit on my girlfriends mother lol, this asian milf, big boobs bit like nina wadia in her build, short and stumpy, I asked If I could have a go on her boobs she gave me a good slap and kicked me out of the house.

    Needless to say that girl finished with me too,

  • may as well only live once, slapped asses tons of times in clubs, I have lifted up girls skirts its so easy, The best was when I shagged my mates sister and my mate never found out lol, she was a fair bit younger than me too, I would always romp with her and then banged this chubby older bird

  • its fine to check out women hell most women love it deep down secretly i find but it all depends on the individual, I have flirted jokingly with older women in the past and it’s been fine as a joke sometimes you tend to go overboard and you get a good slap lol.

    I called my mates gran a gilf, she is 55 lol, yet still bangable, big boobs, big ass even if the face isnt that great and the she was bent over and i grabbed her ass and squeezed it and then i said shall we fuck now jokingly and she smacked me so hard lol, it was good fun even if my face was red after.

  • Done it myself with much older women, I dont lack confidence what’s the point just ask them, I was at my gran’s house chilling out and one of the women who my gran knows was there she must be late 40’s, maybe 50 looked ok, doable for her age and she was looking at me funny and smiling a lot was strange.

    she lived literally down the road and I was asked to do a job at her house lol, I am a plumber but I mended her fence for her lol, after we were talking, had a drnk and I told her she was beautiful you know the usual shit, and I asked if I could hug her lol and she said go on then and I did and held onto her bum and she said cheeky boy think you can go all the way lol in a cheeky way and she pulled me towards her and starting snogging me.

    I ended up shagging her there in the kitchen lol, very funny story, was good fun too.

  • I always check out ladies in street, when in town who doesn’t never felt a women’s arse tho in public in street lol, that guy is funny woudl have been so good if he grabbed hurley’s arse lol,

    I remember once tho I had an intimate moment with my mates mum, I basically told her she was an attractive women even if she was pushing 40, she had a bit to drink and then I remember she made a drink and I went in held onto her waist pulled her around so she was facing me and i held my hands so they were gripped to her backside and she started kissing me in front of the kitchen sink it must be said she had a bit to drink before that so it was like a stupid one off incident, I never had sex with her or anything.

  • she doesn’t look her best here at all but how many guys would pass it up i mean seriously cmon, id still plow it all night long.

  • Never had sex with an older women always been a dream of mine tho like most guys, I remember accidentally seeing my mates mother half naked when I was at his house once as I accidentally caught her as she come out the shower this was yrs ago now and I got a good view of her boobs before she covered up, It was very awkward after and my mate never found out lol.

  • I’d still tap her anyday even if she looked like crap, what guy would turn her down.

    I remember when I was younger at my mates house and I was waiting fr him to get back and I asked if I could go the bathroom and his sister was in there basically naked with a towel covering her boobs after I had already got a good look at them she was a chubby thing too, short and stumpy and she was like you want to feel them and i Hesitated she dropped her towel and gave me a blowjob there and my mate never found out about it, it was so bizzare and I feel ashamed about it noe even tho at the time it was mad and felt good even though it was wrong but I have no experience with an older women even tho I often fanatasise about banging a mature women

  • she has great cleavage though as always, she has some very nice big boobs she has a great figure, id love to spend a night with this women however

  • That guy is awesome, milf, awesome bangers, just the other day I was relaxing sitting on a bench and this young girl walks past and she looked good and I whistled at her and said something at her and she turned around and slapped me so hard, It was funny at the time, shocked me when she hit me tbh, don’t think I would have the courage to try it with an older women though.

  • The guy behind her wants a grab of her ass loooooooool, or maybe he can run infront of her and have a glance at her big titties