written by Ann

Elizabeth Hurley’s Short Dress

Elizabeth Hurley was caught on camera as she left her London home to go out on an errand. She wore a short, summer dress that moved seductively. She almost gave us an upskirt moment.

Elizabeth has been the subject of speculation as Denis Leary’s wife, Ann Leary, has written a book about an actor and actress having an extra-marital affair. Some readers thought that Denis and Elizabeth Hurley were the characters but the author denied it.

Elizabeth Hurley

short dress London summer dress heels Elizabeth Hurley 5.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 6.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 7.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 8.jpg Elizabeth Hurley ass Elizabeth Hurley 10.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 11.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 12.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 13.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 14.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 15.jpg Elizabeth Hurley 16.jpg


  • Elizabeth definitely has a cute face, an adorable body, and of course some really sexy legs.

  • I wanna see upskirt pix

  • It’s getting hot in here

  • those legs are very sexy. she has an awesome pair of calves too

  • awesome strong looking legs, sexy mature women

  • I would not kick her out of bed that is for sure, hot mature babe, those legs are great


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