written by Ann

Elizabeth Hurley’s Daring Dress At The Duftstars Awards

At the Duftstars Award 2008 in Berlin, Elizabeth Hurley showed that age was a figment of imagination. Her body remained just as beautiful as ever at 46 or at 32. The last time she wore such a revealing dress was in 1994. Her black dress back then had long slits down its side and Liz’s modesty was saved by a row of gold colored safety pins. It was impossible to imagine how she moved with grace in such a flimsy dress. Now, she has repeated he amazing stunt again.

Elizabeth Hurley

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  • I want this dress as well. It’s adorable.

  • She’s so beautiful. But is she lonely?

  • she always teases us with her great big cleavage

  • she has great bangers on her ay