written by Ann

Elle Macpherson’s Sexy Legs

Elle Macpherson, dressed in a wetsuit, showed off her athletic prowess on the water ski. Macpherson looked like a pro as she effortlessly skimmed the water in Sydney’s Harbor. Her tanned, sexy legs glistened with the salt spray as her hair whipped behind her. Macpherson made a beautiful picture of a water sports enthusiast. Macpherson will become a household brand face again when Aviva runs its new ad on TV. Macpherson is likely to tell her story of how her change of name helped to propel her professional career. She was Eleanor Gow before.

Elle Macpherson

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  • Living proof that supermodels of the 80’s were, are, and always will be the hottest…at least in my life time.

  • her face ain’t so hot, but damn! that body makes my hammer hard.
    crackhead bob