written by Wanda

Emily Ratajkowski Damn Near Killed Me

I’m not kidding, folks. I opened these photos and my heart stopped a little bit. It skipped a beat, at the very least. I love Emily Ratajkowski so I was pretty certain these photos were going to be incredible. I did not anticipate how incredible though. I love everything about these shots. Of course, the standouts are the photos where she’s showing the most skin but I also really enjoy the more covered up photos. I think photo 9 is my favorite. The denim and the cowboy hat look really does it for me but that’s just a personal preference. Each one of these photos is incredible. She’s a beautiful young lady with a beautiful body and a whole lot of confidence. I love how comfortable she is in front of the camera. I don’t think I could be more in love with these photos.


  • awesome pics, sexy women showing off plenty of skin, awesome boobs she has such an exotic look too, oh so sexy

  • Blurred Lines Video, especially if the unedited version is still out there.