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Emily Shaw Perplexes Me

I haven’t heard of every single beautiful woman in the world or even every single beautiful woman in the entertainment industry so every now and again, I come across a celebrity I have to research. I typically make Wikipedia my first stop and if Wiki is no help, I head on over to Google. Here’s what I learned when I Wikied/Googled Emily: not a damn thing. I have no idea who this girl is even though she looks especially familiar. Is she an actress? Musician? Model? No idea. I’m leaning more toward modeling but I don’t know. So what do I actually know? I know I love these photos. Emily is a beautiful, beautiful woman with an incredible body. These are some smoking hot photos, even if I don’t know a thing about the woman in them.

Emily Shaw Perplexes Me

Emily Shaw Perplexes Me Emily Shaw Perplexes Me Emily Shaw Perplexes Me


  • Emily Shaw is a British glamour model who usually does shoots for Nuts magazine. ;)

    • Ah! Thanks so much for the info.

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