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Emma Watson: Bikini Babe

Harry Potter has come a long way, and so has Emma Watson. Here’s great footage of Emma on her day out. You can’t miss the matching black nail paint, and the oh so lovely bikini. This one is a stunner for all who still imagine as a teen witch. This young teen has transformed, and the college going girl is a million dollar babe whose every move is being watched. It’s not for nothing that they say sun bathing is so cool, and what better than watch the pretty babes do it with élan. Here’s a thumbs up for our upcoming bikini babe, can we expect a few good movies in quick succession.

Emma Watson: bikini babe

Emma Watson: bikini babe Emma Watson: bikini babe Emma Watson: bikini babe
Emma Watson: bikini babe Emma Watson: bikini babe Emma Watson: bikini babe


  • xDD “photo 2″….. nipples!!!!!!! good 4 emma!

  • Holly Madison is the most gorgeous woman in the world.She has the most pefect body and legs this world has ever seen

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