written by Wanda

Emma Watson Flashes Her Panties

Um… okay, so I’m not really sure what the deal is with Emma Watson in these pictures. Is she purposefully flashing her panties to the paps? I thought these pictures were perhaps taken on the set of a movie but I can’t find a movie that would fit in with this whole scenario. I also can’t see how the panty flashing would be an accident here. I mean, it looks like she’s actually pulling the skirt up. I don’t think she actually is – bad hand placement in the pictures, perhaps – but I have never flashed my undies to that extent when running across the street or parking lot or whatever. Even so, she looks hot. I guess that has to count for something. I can’t finish this post without noting these photos were taken in London and with the riots taking place there, I hope Emma and her loved ones are safe. Scary stuff.


  • Mmm, that ass!

  • What the fuck is with the granny panties? A young hottie like that should be rocking a thong!

  • She is nice, but the panties? Ha!

  • Nice posture by Ema Watson. She looks nice.

  • Maybe it really is part of a movie shoot that’s yet to come out. Could be it’s coming out in late 2012/early 2013 and it hasn’t been publicised in any way yet. I mean, looking at her face, it looks like she’s acting (well, to me it does).

  • Hey, she’s 21. She’s grown. She can wear any pair of panties she wants, including the one she has on in those photos. The sky hasn’t fallen because of her choice of panties, and neither do I suspect it’ll fall anytime soon.

  • Why she raised her dress quite so high for her panties to be showing is really anyone’s guess. But I’m thinking perhaps that is further evidence that it may have been part of a movie scene she was shooting, no?

  • not a great look at all, she is bang tiday tho

  • Greatttttt thx for Emma bro

  • Somehow, I doubt there will be many films she’s in where there’s a “must get a Magnum from Tesco” scene… You never know though, since the decent script barrel has been pretty well scraped clean.

    Seeing Emma in all her glory, I can admit that two things come to mind…
    I think I would.
    Pass the whiskey, just in case.