written by Wanda

Emma Watson Has A Blast On The Jonathan Ross Show

Oh how much do I love Emma Watson? This girl is just flat out adorable and that shines through in spades here in these photos from “The Jonathan Ross Show” in London. Look at that smile! She looks like she’s having the time of her life. Emma is always such a breath of fresh air. There are so many young celebrities out there who seem to hate the press process but Emma always seems to have fun with it. I didn’t see the interview but I have to imagine it was incredibly entertaining. The pictures from it certain are. Aside from her winning personality, I think my favorite thing about Emma is the fact that she really has her own style. I love the hair. I love the dress. I love every single thing about these pictures. What a beautiful girl. She certainly has a long, bright career in front of her.


  • Emma Watson is looking great here. I did not care much for her when she had the short hair. But now that she is growing it out she looks fab. And the dress she is wearing looks very grown up.

    • hi darling where are you going

  • she is quite fit

  • Miss! Could you please let me see your panties? o_O

    • Stop it Brook!!!! *Kicks your head*

    • haha o one piece


    • this made my day

    • NAMIII-swaaaannnnnnn

    • Sanji, make me food I’m hungry

  • bj me

  • well there is nothing bad in her

  • Why on earth is she dressed like that? She literally leaves nothing to the imagination.

    • there’s nothing to imagine. shes flat

    • you do realize that the middle part on the top of the dress is skin colored fabric don’t you?

  • @anon are you fucking serious? nothing to the imagination? if she was naked ok, if she was in her underwear ok, the girl is wearing a dress and not a short one either.

  • good point Jade…

  • another point… it kinda tickles the imagination… don’t u think?

  • I like the dress, what does anon want her to be sitting there basically naked, I wouldn’t complain if she took her kit off though

  • no one ? ok, I can’t blame people who doesn’t notice her one-layer dress that draw her cute tiny boob and her standing nip
    but it just me
    no offense

  • That’s the way the fabric folds, dumbass. And if you look closely, the middle part of her chest is just nude coloured fabric, as well. It wrinkles with the rest of the dress.

    • So True i didnt notice the fold or that the middle was fabric, until i went and looked again. @heysay is for sure a dumbass

  • OMG my fav is the bottom right lol she looks so adorbzz