written by Wanda

Emmy Rossum Looks Cute

What’s black and white and cute all over? Emmy Rossum. Seriously guys, this girl is just adorable. I love her to pieces. She isn’t one of those girls you look at and wanna do filthy things to. She’s one of those girls. She’s one of those girls you want to hug and maybe get a glass of milk with cookies for. Yes. She’s hot. She’s very hot. She’s even started taking it all off for the camera (see her incredible performance in Showtime’s ‘Shameless’) but she still has that adorable vibe. That’s why I love her. Even while performing in these crazy sex scenes with her boobs out, she still looks cute. Not an easy task to pull off.

Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum

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