written by Wanda

Erin Brady Deserves Some Attention Too

As sad as it may be for Miss USA, Erin Brady, the real breakout star of Miss USA 2013 was certainly Marissa Powell, also known as Miss Utah. Of course, by now you’ve all probably heard Marissa’s terrible answer to her interview question during the show but let’s remember – there have been far worse. Yes, Powell choked pretty hard but others have choked far harder. In any event, the real star of the show¬†should have¬†been the lovely young lady in these photos. Erin Brady walked into the Miss USA pageant as Miss Connecticut and walked out Miss USA. This is a woman who has been through a lot in her life. It’s nice to see her overcome the hardships and win such a prestigious title. I didn’t see her win because I think pageants are a bit ridiculous but hey, she looks fantastic – not to mention classy – in these photos so I suppose I like her. We’ll see what happens from here.

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  • she certainly is a hottie, very nice looking lady, wish she saw more skin looks like she has a cracking body too, nice pics