written by Wanda

Candice Swanepoel And Her Camera

Thanks to Kris for pointing out these photos are not actually of Erin Heatherton as they were labeled but are actually Candice Swanepoel. I really should’ve spotted the difference as I’m a huge fan of Candice and am only just starting to get interested in Miss. Heatherton. I’m going to leave my regular post below because aside from the first bit, everything I said about Erin applies to Candice as well. Sorry for the error. It happens sometimes. I don’t label the pictures. I just write about them which means I have to trust they were labeled properly when they get to me. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. This is one of those times. Sorry if you’ve been inconvenienced in any way. Anyway, back to staring at a beautiful girl in a bikini and calling me a moron. Enjoy!

For a long time, Erin Heatherton was sort of under the radar for me in terms of smoking hot models. I’d see pictures of her here and there and always thought she was gorgeous but she never really made an impact. That’s really been changing over the last little while. These pictures only serve to further that. I love these shots. She looks hot which is great but she also looks like she’s having a great time. She looks relaxed and playful. I’d love to see the photos she took. I bet they’re great. Erin knows how to look good on camera. Maybe she’s just as talented at spotting other things that will look good on camera. In any event, these shots are great – really brightened up an otherwise dreary morning.


  • That’s not Erin Heatherton moron. It is Candace Swanpoel.

    • Pics were mislabeled. Apologies. I should’ve picked up on the mistake. Thanks for pointing out the error without being rude though. “That’s not Erin Heatherton. It is Candace Swanepoel,” wouldn’t have gotten the point across.

  • That’s Candice, you two!

    • Thanks for pointing that out. The pictures were mislabeled. Fixing the error now!

  • Oh, I didn’t know you were a chick, otherwise I wouldn’t have called you a moron. haha. Funny correction post.

    • It’s okay. I’m used to being called a moron. And a lot of the people who come here don’t realize I’m a chick. Must be all the writing about boobs and butts.

  • Ohhhh, lala. Miss Candice you are looking fine. I love the outfit you have on and it is refreshing to see you like this. Keep looking gorgeous babe, you are always fine in my eyes.

  • Mistakes happen Wanda. I don’t even know who either one of them is. But whoever she is, she is fine with a capital F. I would love to be the one taking the photos of her. She is good looking.

  • pictures of Candice make my lens end up this way too.