written by Wanda

Erin Heatherton Victoria’s Secret Bikini Photoshoot

Here’s an interesting piece of information I just learned from Wikipedia. Erin Heatherton was born Erin Heather Bubley. That is possibly the greatest last name I’ve ever heard. It’s so descriptive. I can’t imagine why she would’ve chosen to use something other than her given name as her stage name. Anyway, that’s beside the point. Let’s talk about these pictures. Here posing for her Victoria’s Secret bikini photoshoot, Erin looks absolutely incredible. She has a sort of retro vibe that I find appealing – not to mention the fact that she’s got an incredible body and really knows how to rock a bikini. She has a very natural presence in front of the camera and I love that. While I wasn’t all that familiar with her before this post, I look forward to seeing more of her.

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  • when we’re toes to toes my nose is in it,and when we’re nose to nose my toes is in it.