written by Ann

Eva Herzigova’s Sassy Dress

Eva Herzigova went to Venice Film Festival on August 28. Herzigova wore a sassy dress. Her date for the day was Valentino, the fashion designer. There was a documentary on “Valentino: The Last Emperor.” The film followed Valentino’s last 2 years at the top of the Fashion house he started and worked in for his long professional career. The documentary also attempted to explain the working relationship between Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti. Giammetti is also Valentino’s companion and they have been together for 50 years.

Eva Herzigova

sassy dress Eva Herzigova in black fashion designer sexy legs Eva Herzigova 5.jpg Eva Herzigova 6.jpg Eva Herzigova 7.jpg fashion glasses Eva Herzigova 9.jpg The Last Emperor Eva Herzigova 11.jpg

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  • That’s some dress!