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Eva Herzigova’s Sexy, See Through Lace Gown

Eva Herzigova wore a corset and see through lace gown for her attendance at the premiere of Che at Cannes. Eva, 35, would be returning to the entertainment world since her daughter has turned 11 months old. She would do only a few selective campaigns since she could afford to be choosy. She had a nice, retirement nest egg in the bank. Eva met her Italian boyfriend, Gregorio Marsiaj, on a trip in 2001 and they have been together ever since.

Eva Herzigova

Che at Cannes. Eva Herzigova wore a corset Gregorio Marsiaj Eva Herzigova wearing c-thru dress Eva Herzigova 5.jpg Eva Herzigova 6.jpg Eva Herzigova 7.jpg Eva Herzigova 8.jpg Eva Herzigova 9.jpg Eva Herzigova 10.jpg Eva Herzigova 11.jpg Eva Herzigova 12.jpg

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